C a r o l y n B l a y l o c k


Carolyn Blaylock’s ebullience for life clearly comes across in her modern impressionistic paintings. Her art is sophisticated, alive and fresh, infusing elegance into both traditional and contemporary interiors. She takes you on a walk with nature’s shapes and sounds, as well as through Europe’s colorful cities and quaint countryside. Using expressive, loose brushwork Carolyn creates a specific mood and movement to her work. Colors sing and soar across her canvas. Some artworks play soft and gentle color notes, evoking a calm and peace. Others modulate bold and bright color notes, expressing vivacity and joie de vivre.  Classical string music, a love since childhood, fills her sunroom studio and conducts the rhythm of her hand and brush. Carolyn flourishes on a large canvas, where she works in an additive and subtractive approach, layering paint, then scraping areas back with spatulas to previous layers.