G e r t r u d e “G a y” S m i t h


“I celebrate the responsiveness and lively motion of freshly thrown porcelain clay in my vessels. Spontaneous and thoughtful manipulation of forms, surfaces, and attachments
animate the work.

Handles sweep up and out from bellies and shoulders. Jars raised on feet dance in space. Surfaces appeal to the tactile sense, and smaller forms long to be held.

In the kiln, flames filled with sodium decorate anticipated edges, and brighten up a wide-open palette. I contemplate the relevance of living as a practicing artist in a world filled with conflict and exploited for resources. Years working as a potter seems to develop qualities that may be of benefit: caring attention, commitment, honesty, courage, passion, hard work, love of beauty, and a willingness to get one’s hands dirty. I intend my vessels to bring joy, always a welcome quality, with their use and presence. And I’m imagining a reality where when a hand grasps a handle, compassion
arises in the heart.”

- Gay Smith