M a r g a r e t S a l i s b u r y


“I majored in Art History at Vanderbilt University and enjoyed my studio classes, but it was never my intent to become an artist. This evolved as a result of becoming a mother, and discovering my need for a creative outlet while no longer employed outside my home. Volunteer work became orders for painted glassware, then painting classes with local artist, Andy Braitman. After a year in studio classes, I went to Italy for a two week plein air workshop , truly a life changing adventure.

I began painting in oils in 1999 with a wonderful teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina; Andrew Braitman. I have a studio at home but really love painting en plein air. I love being outdoors and find inspiration from nature and animals. In recent years I have been focusing on painting the North Carolina landscape from the mountains to the coast. My daughters are often part of my subject matter, although I like to use unsuspecting folks going about their leisure activities and enjoying life!I celebrate the ordinary by creating a painting from a place or moment in time that made me stop in my tracks and think, "WOW, that's beautiful!”

-Margaret Salisbury