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Pink Tea

Pink Tea

“Happy is the child who has a talent for something and is encouraged by parents. My mother encouraged me at an early age to draw and paint. When I started school my teachers continued that encouragement in artistic direction, so painting became a strong element of expression in my life. Now I would encourage anyone interested in learning to paint; to draw, draw, draw. Then, if colors are available, explore generously the different associations of color. When building a composition on paper or canvas experiment with contrast. While in the process of painting, intuitions take over and one learns new skills of expression.  

These intuitions help an artist develop a style of their own. It is important not to stop, but to explore style in order to grow and not become boring.  

Over the years I have come to realize painting has given more to me than I have given to it. It has become an anchor in my life,  has given me confidence, peace and joy. I have learned how to use line, form, space, color, and texture as my language of expression and have appreciated very much the encouragement I have received from family, friends and patrons over these many years of
my painting journey.”

- Norma Murphy