Two Views - New Clay works by Pam brewer & lisa stinson


Two Views, New Clay Works
by Pam Brewer and Lisa Stinson
May 17 - June 2

Opening May 26, 4-6pm

The Art Cellar Gallery is excited to kick off the season with a dynamic two woman show, “Two Views, New Works in Clay by Pam Brewer and Lisa Stinson.”

Whether it is inspiration in the landscape of the mountains and rivers of North Carolina, the sculptural curves of flora and fauna, or the physical working of the earth in clay bodies, these artists capture Mother Earth in each of their works.

Coming from the Interior Design program at the University of Atlanta, Pam Brewer found herself in the mountains of North Carolina at the Penland School of Crafts. Here she got her hands into clay in the sculptural form and hasn’t stopped since. Graceful curves and whimsical design barely begin to describe Pam’s organic forms. Using earthenware to sculpt, she individually coils and pinches the clay to create a manifestation that in time represents the shape of an animal. These earthen creatures appear to be “born” with feelings and emotion, as if they could speak to you from behind the clay. Be it creatures, leaves or mosaics, Pam Brewer breathes life in to her creations through her love for nature and the skilled movement of hands.

Lisa Stinson’s career started over 25 years ago in teaching. In 1998 she moved to the North Carolina mountains to take a teaching position as ceramics professor at Appalachian State University. Lisa’s forms are both physically and conceptually organic in nature. Her texture platters encompass the sense of the peaks and valleys of the surrounding mountains and Lisa’s love for nature and the landscapes that surround her daily. Lisa uses a press molding process for her wall pieces and has recently started experimenting with slip cast functional work. These delicate pieces in vivid colors will be making their debut during the show.

This season will feature an exciting mix of artists and mediums. From clay to oil on canvas; realistic landscapes and abstracts, artist talks and book signings, this season will have something for everyone. All events at the gallery are free and open to the public.

Pam Brewer

I would like to believe that with each coil or tap of the paddle, with each pinch or twist of the clay, the sculpture within reveals itself through gesture and line.  It is after all the essence of the object that is most important to me.  Truthfully, the animal representation is a means of giving an identity to my greatest interest as an artist, the organic form.
The organic form is primal and simplistic and speaks volumes regarding the core of our being and our connectedness to one another.  As a child it pained me to observe any concept of separateness, more importantly division.  It has been my life’s exploration to identify those crevasses and attempt to understand and heal them through my work.

But when the sculpture is complete, there is the animal, complete with experience and feelings with its own voice and message to lead me forward.

I am, and will always be humbled and inspired by nature.

Mica Format.jpg


Lisa Stinson

My recent pieces have evolved from an exploration of the textural tool marks in my thrown work to a growing interest in the larger scale markings of the landscape.  I first looked at the domestic tilling of the soil and the way patterns occur. Next I began thinking about marks and textures that also reveal a sense of order but come from natural occurrences. The reference for these marks quickly gravitated to reflect motifs that communicate and document the evidence of time. 

My love of nature and the landscape that surrounds me on a daily basis is present in each piece. I find a certain beauty in the way crops are planted in orderly rows but still have to follow the natural contours of the mountainside.  How the water from a swollen river will leave markings and how how over time the landscape is changed due to erosion. These marks become etched into the earth and create a type of clock or calendars that is free from numerical order but documents time and place.