R o b e r t R a y


“As a self-taught painter I have found that every artist, regardless of skill level or recognition has something to offer me.  An everyday backyard or the most coveted masterpiece may both provide the same inspiration that drives me to create.  Through my work I am able to explore feelings and ideas that I have
from my life experiences.  

The process of the work is more valuable to me as an artist than the finished product itself.  One of the most intriguing challenges is taking an idea and translating it into an image through the use of symbolism, light, edges, values and color, some of the many elements of a visual piece that can be utilized by an artist to communicate.  Having experimented with all varieties of mediums, I have found oils to serve my artistic endeavors.  Oils allow me to have more flexibility as I use the Flemish technique of multiple layers of paint. Each layer brings increasing possibilities to play with depth and subtleties in the mixture of colors using glazes.  

With this method each painting is a unique journey of the complexities of life.”

- Robert Ray