S c o t t S u m m e r f i e l d

Pears on a Brick

Pears on a Brick

I create a variety of blown glass works ranging from functional home décor to abstract sculptures. My intent with both bodies of work is to beautify one’s space. A delicate balance of beauty and tension are what makes my work unique and curious. My strengths lie in the bold color, crisp lines, and symmetrical balance.

I have been an object maker my whole life. My fascination with creating came at an early age, as I was an avid maker of toy models. From fabrication to surface application, attention to detail has always been prominent in my art. My works are designed with a sense of precision and balance. My creative process begins in the hot shop. The molten glass is often rolled into metallic leaves or blown into optic molds to create an active surface. My skills shine in the cold shop, where each piece is cut, ground, polished, and assembled. Working without an assistant, I have become resourceful in how I create my work. My shop is filled with various jigs to assist my process.

I visualize and sketch my sculptures as individual parts, later to be transformed into formal objects. Working with glass in this manner is not a traditional approach to the medium. It allows me to create the slick lines and polished look that I strive for. I have worked in this format instinctively since the beginning of my glass experience. In my first class I was cutting up vases and bowls and creating nontraditional objects. It just felt right.”

- Scott Summerfield