T i m T u r n e r


“Painting is a lot of staring at blank canvas trying to figure out how to start and in the end trying to decide when to stop. The process starts with an idea although during the painting journey the original idea usually gets lost, muddled or painted over. It may resurface in a corner or if scratched through may be found behind the color red. Then again, it may not start with an idea. It may start with a line or a piece of old canvas glued in a corner.

From there a story begins. A story where you have a premise maybe even an outline, characters with certain traits, a chain smoking old man with a hacking cough, a dog with three legs. Along the way those characters and their traits may need to be revised. As it turns out the old man needs to be a middle age woman with a soft voice, the dog needs to be a cat that likes lettuce.”

- Tim Turner