T o m V a n N o r t w i c k

#149 Crossroads Store 1824.jpg

“My first toys were cars. The only other person in my family that liked cars was my dad, T. K. VanNortwick. He liked sports cars; I liked hot rods and customs. Dad was a professional artist and art teacher. His main work involved oil paintings of
western landscapes.

I never painted a lick while he was alive, he died in 1977. In 1980 I started pin-striping rods and bikes around Roanoke, VA. Then in 1988 I was the victim of a hit and run. The wreck messed up my back and I was in constant pain, so I had to cut back on the pin-striping. In 1989 I bought a beginners set of oil paints and did a painting. It wasn’t too bad so I did another one, it was better than the first so I figured I was on a roll.

In the early 1990’s I went blind in my right eye due to macular degeneration and for several months I didn’t paint. After 5 or 6 moths I just didn’t notice it anymore, and I resumed my work.

Most of my paintings are of automotive subjects. My major influence of course is Dad, but I also like Edward Hopper, Kent Bash, Tom Fritz, and others.”

- Tom VanNortwick