T r e y F i n n e y

Illuminated Moment

Illuminated Moment

“For me painting is the combination of vision and knowledge. The application of the artist’s knowledge about painting while under the influence of the subject. The subject can be copied verbatim or infiltrated by the artist’s creative muse.

How far the artist’s knowledge takes the painting is a decision for the painter. Will it be a copy of reality or an abstraction? Will the abstraction be subtle, violent, or a balance of the two? No matter what the choices, the artist will be influenced by what is in their visual plane at that moment in time or what he or she has seen and
experienced in the past.

I believe my paintings reflect that artistic interpretation of vision and knowledge; an impressionistic style with an emphasis on color, drawing and an underlying abstract design. What I like to call Natural Impressions.”

- Trey Finney