Courtney Martin

C o u r t n e y M a r t i n


“When I sit down at my wheel to make pots, I think about how they will be used. Will this bowl be the right form for black bean chili?

Is this pitcher best for sweet tea or maybe just ice water? How will cherry tomatoes look presented in my pottery? It is exciting to me that I may create something as intimate as the cup for
your hot chocolate.

When I think about how I will glaze the pots, I often imagine my decorations as dressing the ware. Where I will put dots, where I will lay lines. How will the pattern wrap itself around the pot?

After the pots are all “gussied up,” I load them into the kiln. I love contemplating the flames circling the pottery, and placing the pots where they need to be so that the finished ware looks and feels desirable. My aim is to make pots with integrity, which continue to be sweet and joyful.”

- Courtney Martin