David Birmingham

D a v i d B i r m i n g h a m

Approaching Rain

Approaching Rain

“As an instructor at The South Florida Art Institute, I was often asked to explain the components of good art as opposed to bad. I stated three things; good drawing, good design or composition, and good value control (black and white control). All three of these can be taught and are necessary in any branch of art from realism to
non-representational abstraction.

Even if an artist is self-taught, following these three regulations can make all the difference between a professional work and an amateur attempt. The rules of art must be learned before they can be broken!

I have been an artist for as long as I can remember, I have held a brush or a pencil in my hand. I paint and draw every day, in oils on canvas or prepared panel, in charcoal or graphite, in watercolor and although rarely, in acrylics.

In my own work I try to learn from new experiences every day and am influenced by the artists of the past and of the present in many ways. Recently I have tried painting on brightly colored surfaces, as I like the impressionistic effects in the finished painting. I find the play of light and shade in nature somewhat hypnotic and try to project my feelings in my landscapes.
Nature, with a capital ‘N’ is the best of teachers.”

- David Birmingham