Judy Brater

J u d y B r a t e r


Tennessee native, Judy Brater grew up with art being an integral part of her daily life on their family farm. Encouraged, inspired and energized by her grandmother, a quilter and a painter, and her mother, a quilter, Judy chose to pursue a career in the arts. With a focus in clay and fine arts, Judy obtained a BFA in 1972 from the
University of Cincinnati.

Judy has motivated and educated numerous other artists through her teaching at John C. Campbell Folk School and other craft venues. She is a member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild and Terra Madre Women in Clay. Among her many achievements were the contributions she was able to make while spending several years in western Kenya helping HIV/AIDS women develop micro-businesses to finance, build and sustain self-sufficient housing and health care educational and agricultural system. With the resulting goods hand-crafted by these disadvantaged Kenyans being sold through the global Fair Trade Federation.