Kathy Myers Reece

K a t h y M y e r s R e e c e


“Going back to my very first memories, I knew I had no choice in the matter of what path I might take. I had to be a painter. Because of the support and encouragement of many, I have been fortunate to follow my bliss and paint for my entire life. I am grateful beyond words for this opportunity.

I enjoy immersing myself in the natural setting via plein air painting. Through the act of painting on location, I am better able to absorb the fullness and power of the light, color, texture, sounds and elements that surround me. I enjoy the solitude that painting in the studio brings and simultaneously, I enjoy the interaction with people and animals as I paint on location.

 The views that we experience everyday are part of the cultural fabric of our community and us. It is important to me to preserve and document these local scenes that are reflective of our contemporary world and tied to our history at the same time.

 To me, painting is as much about feeling as it is about applying paint to the canvas. It is the emotional aspect that draws me to the concrete act of painting.”

- Kathy Myers Reece