Loren DiBenedetto

L o r e n D i B e n e d e t t o

Acorns in Green Bowl

Acorns in Green Bowl

“I consider myself a realist in my everyday life and in turn I strive for my work to reflect this philosophy. Through my representational paintings I hope to convey a sense of peace and clarity. The goal for my work is to engage the viewer so that they might see the beauty in a common subject in a way that is not familiar to them.

Painting with oils gives me the freedom and ability to layer coat upon coat, building up the subject until it pops off of the canvas. The use of light and shadow is the most important element of my work, helping me to enhance the composition and hopefully creating a successful piece upon completion.

In my current work I am trying to achieve more movement and depth within a composition…trying to draw the viewers eye throughout the entire canvas, resting upon key elements
within the piece.”

- Loren DiBenedetto