Joseph Cave

J o s e p h C a v e

Autumn Farm #1

Autumn Farm #1

“Studying at the University of Georgia in the last half of the 1950s, we were bombarded, overwhelmed, and intimidated by the dynamics of the New York school of abstract expressionism. Occasionally I went outside, set up, and painted the landscape. It was a lot of fun, but did nothing for my G.P.A.

Eugene Delacroix said, “First, a painting must be a feast for the eyes.” It must look good. The paint must be joyfully applied. The process must be evident in the product. These thoughts could be taken as an abstract expressionist mantra.

I delight in stretching, sizing and applying ground to the canvas. After 60 years I am still thrilled as the colors are squeezed from the tube. The whole process is a joy.”

- Joseph Cave