Zoey Brookshire

Z o e y B r o o k s h i r e



“As an artist I use, and love using, many mediums. The one that brings me closest to what I think of as essence is anything on a stick that I can hold in my hand and make a mark with. Something I can move with abandon. Something I can use as an immediate extension of my hand. I especially like graphite and oil bar because I don’t have to worry overmuch about replenishing. This leaves me free to chase the line for as long as I may need.

Even though the notion of truth in art is awfully big I believe I have found as much of it in the line as I have anywhere. Maybe because it begins and ends with itself. Maybe because in its simplicity there isn’t much room for confusion about what exactly it is. The magic (another big five letter word) of this simplicity is in the great range of expression the line may carry: a playful joy, languid elegance or rough anger all the way through to an awkward tenderness. All are present in what Paul Klee called ‘a dot that took a walk’”

- Zoey Brookshire