Tim Ford

T i m F o r d

Study of Nephew, II

Study of Nephew, II

“My work is a response to my feelings about the people I interact with, usually friends and family. The space I live in, memories, desires and fears, all influence the work. Various tools and materials are used (graphite, charcoal, paint, etc.) to make images as a way of expressing my ideas. Making these images, manipulating materials and trying to solve visual problems help me gain a healthier perspective of an often-troubling world.

I enjoy working with a variety of mediums, but it is the texture of paint for which I have a greater passion. Francis Bacon is quoted as saying that there is an area of the nervous system that responds directly to the qualities of paint. I feel excited when I paint (and draw) - whether I am working traditionally with familiar materials or experimenting with new materials and techniques - I enjoy the challenge of resolving the visual problems that are presented with each new work.”

- Tim Ford