Tommie Rush

T o m m i e R u s h

Iridescent Cobalt Vase

Iridescent Cobalt Vase

"I want my work to convey the human touch and a link with nature.""I work in the vessel format because I enjoy designing and using well-made functional objects. There are many considerations that come into play when I start to work on a new series such as the color palette I will use, the interplay of form and the surface treatment and ultimately how the object will be used.

I feel we live in a world that is becoming less personal and I view my objects as a link to something hand made and very individual and personal. I want my pieces to be held, touched and used to make the everyday more enjoyable. The pieces of course stand on their own as objects. I also have to confess to the fact that I am an avid gardener, especially of flowers, and I am selfishly on a quest for the perfect vase for every flower.

Each piece that I make is unique, no molds or preformed parts are used, and I feel it imparts to each vessel an individualistic feel. It is a combination of timing, teamwork, skill of execution and many hours spent developing a vocabulary with my medium that enables each piece to appear effortless.”

- Tommie Rush