Walter Stanford

W a l t e r S t a n f o r d


Walter is an award winning artist who paints a range of subject matter from landscapes to wildlife. He is a 1986 graduate of the School of Art at East Carolina University and spent 13 years as a freelance illustrator.

His latest works involve animals, especially raptors, which he finds at local and state zoos and raptor centers. Walter enjoys getting close to these animals so he can see the eyes and detail. It’s the only way, he feels to make the animals special. “I find there’s a wildness in the eyes and sometimes I may spend an hour just trying to capture that. If the eyes are not right, the piece is unbelievable.”

One thing Walter seeks is to capture elements others don’t notice on first glance. Whether it be a riverscape or a portrait of an animal, these are the things that catch his eye and imagination.